• Dogs are natural comedians and goofballs.

Dogs are giant goofballs. They do the funniest things. Whether it’s your own dog chasing his tail, a hilarious puppy photo posted on social media, or silly video of two chow chows clowning around, dogs have a way of making us laugh hysterically. In a way, dogs are very childlike–they are like toddlers who will do anything to make you smile.

  • Dogs Are Good Company. They Know How to Comfort & Console.

After a bad day, there’s nothing better than cuddling with your dog. Dogs know how to keep us company and when to lick away our tears. Dogs are loyal and if you treat them right, they will never betray you.

  • They Remind Us What’s Important

When your dog wags his tail or does the cutest thing, it’s hard to be jealous of a friend or to feel upset about something trivial. At the end of the day, dogs remind us what’s truly important and help us remember the things in life which really matter. Dogs love their humans unconditionally. And their favorite things tend to be simple–a special meal, sticking their head out the car window, a good belly rub. So long as they are cared for, dogs are kind, loving, and compassionate. They never hurt us intentionally and help their owners be better, more forgiving people.

  • Reliable Exercise / Adventure Partner

“I don’t feel like going on a walk with you today.” Said No. Dog. Ever. Car ride? An afternoon at the park? Dogs are always happy to join you. They’re game to go anywhere and do anything, as long as their human will be there. Dogs never make you feel left out or excluded. They always want to be there with you and want to do whatever you’re doing.

  • They Don’t Judge You

Dogs don’t care what you look like, or what clothes you’re wearing. Your dog doesn’t care if you need a haircut, if you have a unibrow, or if you’ve gained ten pounds. Even if you didn’t ace your math test, even if your team lost the little league championship, your dog will love you just the same. Dogs know you’re the coolest person ever, so they could care less what others think of you.

  • Dogs Help Us Make Friends

Anyone who has a dog knows: dogs make great icebreakers. Humans who have dogs in tow are more approachable. If you’re shy, your dog can make it easier to befriend your neighbors and fellow dog owners in the park. Take your pup for a stroll around the neighborhood and you’ll see: dogs help humans overcome the barriers we put between ourselves and strangers. Dogs make us more friendly.

  • Dogs Are ALWAYS Excited To See You

Whether you’ve just returned home after a long trip, or were only gone for five minutes while retrieving the mail, your dog is always excited to see you when you come home. Without fail, dogs will give you the most enthusiastic greeting when you walk through the door. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for weeks or minutes or hours, because dogs make you feel so loved and cared for when you come back.