We all melt over a good love story. Especially when they involve animals big or small. When it comes to our furry, canine friends we have a special interest in reliving the heartwarming bonds between humans and dogs.

All around the internet today, you can find inspiring stories of service dogs helping out veterans, marriage proposals with the assistance of Fido and other engaging stories. Here are some of our favorite heartwarming stories that remind us of the loving feels pets give us:

Dog Reacts to Mufasa’s Death in The Lion King

Mufasa’s death in The Lion King affects many of its young viewers. When it visibly affects a dog, it’s astonishing! Dogs can be emotionally aware creatures, but it was even more heartwarming when a 4-month-old dog named Luna reacted to the death of Mufasa as it watched the film on TV. Even as you hear Luna whimper at the sight of Simba in despair, it reminds you of the compassion animals have for others when they perceive that someone or something is in distress.

Lost Dog Found by Owner Several Years Later

Love may be lost for a short time, but it’s never forgotten! This heartwarming tale is a real bittersweet reunion for a pup, Jorge, and his owner, Giorgio. After getting lost during a move three years, Giorgio was devastated putting up posters and ads on the street. Three years later, Giorgio gets a call from a stranger saying he saw the dog on the street. The owner rushed to the site to find a black and white dog huddled underneath a tree on a busy pedestrian street.

The story is even more sentimental because the dog recognizes its owner voice even years after they’ve been separated. Watching the dogs reaction is priceless. Check out the video at the link!

A Great Rescue

Mufasa was rescued from a water treatment plant in Los Angeles. The scruffy dog was in need of some tender love and care. Sick and scared, the shaken dog was coaxed out of hiding with treats before being taken to safety. Now, Mufasa is a happy pup who has found his forever home where he has all the clean water he can find.

A Scared Dog Learns to Trust Again

A dog named Blossom was rescued from a hoarding situation and taken to a shelter. However, the dog was severely traumatized and anxious, shaking uncontrollably around people. Rocky Kanaka, Blossom’s foster dad, said the whole foster community came together to clear out the shelter as to not trigger memories of Blossom’s former environment. He decided to take her home to bond with her. Unfortunately, Blossom still shut down over the course of many months. Everything around the house was new to her. She had never even felt grass before, so she was scared of many everyday experiences. Eventually, Rocky started to take other foster dogs into his care and slowly Blossom began to greet those dogs. Then, one day, Blossom had a breakthrough, wagging her tale for the first time and running happily around the yard. Now, Blossom is ready to find her forever home!

We’ll post more heartwarming, inspiring dog stories as we find them, but they’re always a great reminder that dogs are our best friends and irreplaceable at that!