Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures, so it’s no surprise they can pick up new tricks like fetching a ball or swimming with little practice. Once in a while, we find a noteworthy story of a rather impressive canine who enjoys staying active just like their pawrents.

Boardsporting Buddies

Some dogs just love the feel of their ears blowing in the wind. Tyson, the skateboarding Bulldog, has become a video legend. Once in a while, we see an adventurous pup pull some tubular moves. But it’s not that surprising because we’ve even seen some dogs “hang ten” at the World Dog Surfing Championship in Pacifica, CA. For some of us, teaching our dogs to ollie may be out of the question, but with some patience and treats, it’s totally possible!

Go Fetch…Me a Drink!

Dogs are typically known for fetching a ball or a newspaper. It’s so kind of our dogs to lovingly bring us a ball to play with or some reading material if we’re bored. But we’re in the 21st century! Why not ask your pup to go fetch you a drink —  one that’s not that’s bottled at least. With tools like this Smart Collar, you can add “get me a drink” to your dog’s list of tricks.

Doggy Dining

Dogs have a history of hunting, herding and even finding culinary treasures —  like the famous Italian truffle. Some dogs have amazing work ethic! It’s even more impressive when a dog actually puts a whole lobster tail on the table for you. Co-founder of Devocean Co., Alex Schulze, offers some tips on how you can get your dog to fetch a lobster. He gives a lot of praise to his black Labrador Retreivers for their underwater adventures as they dive for these scrumptious lobsters.

Laundry List

Most dogs might not know how to fold your laundry, but a lot of dog breeds can go fetch that laundry sitting in the bin. It might actually make a great exercise each week as you tell your dog to go fetch your t-shirts and bring them to you. All you need is to replace toys with a balled up sock or another article of clothing. Then, you can reward them as they drop it into the laundry basket.

Double Dutch

Fido can easily go fetch a ball, but it’s a little harder to make them learn how to jump rope. One dog has some impressive skills to beat. On Good Morning America, Geronimo impressed with his jumpy prowess. It would certainly be hard to teach most dogs how to skip rope, but teaching your dog to jump over smaller hurdles is a great way to train them.

There’s always something new or interesting that your pups can learn. Do your dogs have any interesting skills we should know about?