Summer is a popular season for many reasons. You can enjoy vacation, outdoor sports and activities, and some time with your dog. However, the warm weather can be uncomfortable for both you and your pup.

Each summer, higher temperatures can overheat, dehydrate, or exhaust your canine friends. If you want to spend time exercising and playing outdoors with your pets this summer, here are some fun ways to cool down with Fido.

Paddle boarding


If you live near NYC, you can enjoy some cool air and a beautiful skyline with your pup on the water! Manhattan Kayaks allows your dog to hop onto your kayak or SUP. They also have a limited supply of dog life jackets to help keep your dog safe. You can rent their water equipment at the Pier 84 boathouse on the Hudson River. If you’re headed towards the beach, check out the likes of Huntington Stand Up Paddle or Paddle Diva to enjoy the waves!

Get a Doggie Ice Cream


Ice cream and treats are a great way to rest, relax, and cool down after a busy day on the town. If you’re out and about, why not take your dog for an ice cream treat? There are numerous restaurants in NYC that cater to a canine diet. Treating your pet will be great for you to enjoy the summer weather with your dog and make sure they’re satisfied. Check out these restaurants for dog-friendly treats:

  • Shake Shack
  • Zoomies, West Village
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes
  • Milk Sugar Love in Jersey City, NJ
  • Clementine Bakery in Brooklyn

NYC Doggie Swimming Holes


Many dogs like playing around in water. If it’s a hot day, take your dog to one of the many pet-friendly swimming holes in NYC.

  • Water4Dogs — Offering swimming hours for fitness, fun and even water therapy, this spots will be a favorite for your canine. Water4Dogs offers a safe and tranquil spot for older dogs to avoid the heat of the streets and soothe any aching pains in their indoor 5-by-10 pool. The service can help your dog exercise while avoiding the heat and have some fun. A half-hour costs $37 or $47 for an hour.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park — Play a game of fetch in the water at this popular waterfront destination for dogs. While humans aren’t allowed to swim in the water, plenty of dogs enjoy wading and splashing around. A sandy beach is also great for your mutt to dig in. Plus, it offers an incredible view of Manhattan.
  • Prospect Park’s Long Meadow Beach — Prospect Park is a great destination to take your pet during summer months. It offers sprawling fields and shady trees to relax in. The Long Meadow Beach features a swimming pool where your dog can wade and swim in, but be aware it can get deep in some areas! Many dogs use the small, flat rocks to jump into the water. Try going on a weekday when it’s less crowded.

The Doggie Beach


Take your dog for a swim at the beach! There are several sandy spots near NYC where you can take your dog to enjoy the water and the windy view. Many people opt for a quick drive to Long Island where there are many dog-friendly beaches that include:

  • Montauk — Beaches like Gardiner County Park are great for enjoying a beach day with your canine pal. The picnic area allows dogs and also features a doggie water fountain. Hit up the 1.3 mile trail, too!
  • Robert Moses — The bayside beach allows dogs and you can exercise with your pooch by taking a 2 mile hike from Robert Moses to the Fire Island Lighthouse.
  • Napeague Harbor If you want your dog to enjoy the ocean waves, the South Fork of Napeague offers a dog-friendly beach that looks out onto Napeague Harbor and Bay. Sand dunes and water sports are a great way to have summer fun with your pup!

Remember to keep your dog safe from the heat this summer. Avoid taking your dog outside in temperatures of over 85 degrees. It will be helpful to purchase them a cooling vest with cold packs that can be carried on the side of the garment. It’s also always beneficial to carry a dog bowl and some fresh water with you so your dog stays hydrated, too! When your dog is comfortable and cool, both of you can enjoy the summer season together.