For many people, summer is a great time to escape on a weekly vacation or short getaway from their hectic, daily routines. For a fun-loving dog, a vacation getaway is a great excuse to roam free and bond with their owners.

For summer, we’re taking a look at the fun summer camps and retreats that dogs may enjoy as a break from their normal, daily chew toys, walks, and barking habits.

Here are five awesome summer camps for dogs and their humans:

Summer Camp for Dogs at Fishing Lake

1. Canine Camp Getaway —  Lake George, New York

Ever wanted a serene getaway with your dog in the wilderness? Canine Camp Getaway has just the ticket. City dwellers from New York, Philadelphia, and their surrounding areas can take an easy journey to the Adirondack Mountains with their dogs June 26-30 and September 17-20 where dogs can roam free. Among the activities that the camp offers, owners and their dogs can enjoy canine sports from frisbee to water polo. But they can also learn new skills like scent detection and therapy work, too! Other fun activities abound at this peaceful, wood haven. Fun activities include “barks and crafts” and dog yoga, otherwise known as DOGA.


2. Camp Dogwood —  Highland Park, Illinois

A great adventure awaits for your friendly canine in the midwest. Camp Dogwood promises “the planet’s best dog destination” —  or at least according to Animal Planet. The Camp Dogwood program is created to reflect the principles and comfort of the dog, their bond with humans, and the community. The camp offers everything from training sessions that focus on positive reinforcements and fun for you and dog. If you’re looking for some more insight into the habits of your furry friend, then there are also informational lectures and demonstrations to enrich your time. For each activity, the camp schedule offers convenience for you and your dogs, while also considering time for relaxation. Any visitors can personalize their day with the events they want to attend. But they can also take advantage of the on-site trails, fields, and beautiful beachfront. A ton of parks and attractions abound, too!


3. Camp Unleashed —  Becket, Massachusetts or Mountain City, Georgia

Looking for an exciting time for you and your canine? Unleash your inner fun at none other than one of the perfect retreat for both a dog and their owners. With to United States locations, Camp Unleashed features a beautiful doggy weekend retreat in the beautiful, relaxing countryside. Plenty of other dog owners and lovers come from all over the country to enjoy the time to meet other like-minded owners and pets in a calming atmosphere where your dogs are free from the rules and regulations of everyday norms. Bonding time allows you and your dog to run an agility course together, hike trails, swim, or eat a nutritious meal together. There are even presentations on dog nutrition, body language and first-aid! The calming waters of the local spring-fed lakes will put your mind at ease with your dog by your side.


4. Call of the Wild Dog Camp —  Oregon

A wonderful way to celebrate an annual getaway with your dog is a retreat to Call of the Wild Dog Camp. With annual games, off-leash play, river sports, creek paddling, nature games, and training workshops, it offers a plentiful time to show your appreciation for your dog. But let it be known, the camp is most suitable for dogs who are people-friendly and get along well with other animals. What makes the camp unique is their specialization in camps for dogs who aren’t trained. Their ability to create custom trips that are catered to you and your pet means that you can spend more quality time knowing every species is enjoying the day. Check them out and schedule a personalized trip with these dog-loving camp owners!


5. Dog Scouts of America —  Michigan

Looking to induct your pup into a national league? Well, if you can’t seem to get your dog into a best of show, then why not try for Dog Scouts of America? The camp, located in Michigan, features multiple camps throughout the year, but their most popular camp takes place in June-July. By completing a series of activities and training sessions, your dog can earn badges just like a regular Girl or Boy scout! Who can say “no” to an adorable dog scout salute? The 2018 dog summer camps run from June 18-23 and July 16-21! You can still sign up online at the link.

If you’re looking to pamper your dog this summer, why not journey up to a relaxing getaway that will benefit both you and your dog? With their happiness in mind, you can truly appreciate the wonder of an animal in the beauty of a country summer. Ah, to have the life of a dog!