Unusual Dog Tricks

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures, so it’s no surprise they can pick up new tricks like fetching a ball or swimming with little practice. Once in a while, we find a noteworthy story of a rather impressive canine who enjoys staying active just like their pawrents. Boardsporting Buddies Some dogs just love the feel of [...]

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Heartwarming Real-Life Dog Stories

We all melt over a good love story. Especially when they involve animals big or small. When it comes to our furry, canine friends we have a special interest in reliving the heartwarming bonds between humans and dogs. All around the internet today, you can find inspiring stories of service dogs helping out veterans, marriage [...]

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How Service Dogs Help War Veterans

Therapy dogs are not only cute, they act as proverbial angels sent to guide our Veterans after they come home from war. It’s not surprising that a furry pup can help lift a veterans’ spirits, but have you ever wondered just how service dogs assist war veterans at home? Research from Purdue University shows that [...]

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Puff Jacket or Fur Coat? Keeping your Dog Warm During the Winter

People think that a dog’s fur coat should be enough to keep them warm during the winter months. They think: “They’re animals naturally meant to be in the wild.” However, dogs are susceptible to the cold just like humans. Not to mention, some dogs have thicker coats than others. Giving your dog a winter coat [...]

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Four Fall Activities Your Pup Will ‘Fall’ For

Your best friend loves autumn as much as you do. Though many think of summer as the time to be outside, fall is where the real outdoor adventures begin. As the holidays near, and the leaves turn brown, there are tons of reasons to be outside this fall. Here are four of them. Raking With [...]

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Simple Remedies for Curing Your Dog’s Anxiety

Anxiety is that fear-based mindset that eats away at the best of us. Emotional creatures like ourselves, dogs also have to deal with the hardships of anxiety, perhaps on a more exacerbating scale, they can’t communicate with us the way humans communicate with each other. Summer, especially, is a time for high anxiety for dogs [...]

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The Best Dog Video Compilations!

As it turns out, 2018 is the Chinese Year of the Dog! But to many people at the Eddie Croman Foundation and Frankie's Friends, that’s basically every year! Even though we love cats too, dogs are galloping to the forefront of the Internet. But, why? News sources like the BBC and even journalists have asked the [...]

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Summer Camps for Dogs

For many people, summer is a great time to escape on a weekly vacation or short getaway from their hectic, daily routines. For a fun-loving dog, a vacation getaway is a great excuse to roam free and bond with their owners. For summer, we’re taking a look at the fun summer camps and retreats that [...]

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6 Reasons Why Dogs Make Us Better People

We have a long history with dogs. Between 20,000 to 40,000 years ago, humans domesticated dogs, forming a symbiotic relationship that has played an important role in both species’ evolution. While dogs originally served as protectors and helped with hunting (which they still do today), their age-old relationship has become much deeper. As the saying [...]

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Bichon Frise: America’s Top Dog

Every year, the Westminster Kennel Club, often recognized as the world’s greatest dog show, selects a canine that meets their criteria in manner, agility, performance, and appearance. In February 2018, Flynn, a Bichon Frise, was named America’s Best in Show. At Madison Square Garden, where the ceremony took place, Judge Betty-Anne Stenmark honored the Bichon [...]

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