If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen your dog nap almost anywhere —  and at any hour of the day! Dogs have that uncanny ability to get comfortable in many different positions. Sometimes it may be easy to envy Fido for their relaxed, lounging ways. But what do these comfy (and sometimes funny) sleeping positions say about your dog?

The Pancake Position

When dogs lay spread out on their bellies with their four legs stretched out. The position makes most pups look like a flattened pancake, if not misshapen ones. Puppies who run out of energy during the middle of a training session often sleep in these positions. The good thing is that this position allows them to spring back into action fairly quickly.

The Hands in the Air Position

Plenty of dogs sleep on their back with their paws towards the sky. During warmer months, especially, this helps your dog cool off. While many dog owners like to check on their pets while they sleep, you can also use temperature alerts on your phone; the LINK AKC Smart Collar lets you know if your dog is overheating. In this position, it’s harder for your dog to get up quickly as their tender stomach shows. However, this sleeping position indicates they are happy and enjoy a submissive comfort.

The Game of Bones Position

Creatively nicknamed the Game of Bones position by Link NYC, dogs often sleep on chairs with their heads placed on their paws. It’s like they’re enjoying a day on the throne from a high, comfortable and protective vantage. This sleeping position indicates that your pooch is a guardian of sorts with a view that lets — or it could simply indicate they just really like a comfortable spot on the couch!

The Macaroni Noodle Position

Many pets sleep in the classic noodle shape. Dogs lie in this position because it helps them keep warm and protects their vital organs. Although this seems like a dog is anxious, it’s actually just a natural way for them to feel comfortable and protected while they sleep. In the wild, canines sleep in this position, so it’s very natural for them.

The Snuggler Position

When you got those rainy day blues, most dog owners just want to curl up with their beloved pup. It’s especially endearing when your dog reciprocates that love back to you. When your dog sleeps in a spooning position, it’s one way they show affection for you —  just like a human might! Nap time can be a great time to bond with your pet!

When you see your pup sleeping in these various positions, you can understand how they might feel and allow you to ensure that your pup’s lounging habits are as comfortable as can be. Happy snuggling!