Being away from our beloved animals is hard, especially when we know these social creatures need to be around people. Dogs, especially, are privy to social stimulation. But now that fall has come, and people are generally busier with activities, events, and the holidays, how can we help distract our pets from being too lonely?

Curing separation anxiety is a major problem that many pet owners want to know how to fix as soon as possible so they know their animals are happy and comfortable during the day.

Before you go to work or school, there are some ways that you can help foster a happy, calm environment for your pup. Here are five tips to help cure your dog’s separation anxiety:

Dog Swimming

1. Exercise with Your Dog

It’s hectic getting back into a regular school or work routine. But nothing gets you motivated for the day like a good workout at the park or gym. Dogs experience similar endorphin rushes when they exercise, so consider taking advantage of a long jog or taking advantage of playtime. It’s a great addition to your regular exercise routine. Dog owners should consider creating a safe and healthy obstacle course routine to help their dog exercise. Or perhaps they should consider adding a combination of activities to the morning exercise plan. Throw a frisbee, play fetch, or do strength training exercises with your pup.

Exercising with each other can help lower stress levels for both you and your pup. But it can also improve your bond. In addition, your pup will be tired afterwards and can take a nice long nap after you bring them home.


2. Remove Common Triggers

Dogs are intelligent creatures and they’re often hyper-aware of patterns and routines. They can tell when you’re getting up to get ready for work. The sound of keys, the sound of the hair dryer, or making coffee can alert a dog to your impending departure. It might stress your dogs out, so make sure you’re aware of which motions or sounds cause your dog a heap of stress and try to limit the noise. Perhaps, a family member can take the pup out for a jog instead. Or you can eat together. Anything that distracts your pup or calms them down will be the way to go.

A soft puppy is cuddled in a blanket.

3. Give Extra Affection

Once your schedule starts to become busy, it’s easy to be distracted all the time. But make sure you carve out extra time to spend with your dog. It’s advised you don’t teach your dog too many new tricks during this time because it can only add to their stress levels. Instead, try refreshing skill they’ve already learned. It could help comfort your pup because they’re familiar with them. It also gives you the opportunity to praise and reward them with hugs or treats for their good behavior.

Most dogs love structure and routines, so when they have your support, it can help you both bond and give them the support they need. It’s important to remember that– even very busy days—  to spend 15 or 20 minutes going through the commands with your pup.

Dog Toy

4. Choose a Distracting Toy

Your dog might have a favorite toy like a baseball or a stuffed animal. But try soothing your dog’s separation anxiety with another distracting toy when you leave the house for the day. Avoid toys that need interaction from a human. Instead, a toy that dispenses treat or acts as a puzzle can help test their memory. They will be able to entertain themselves for hours. Plus, they won’t expect you to be there when they see these toys. Not only will your pup be entertained, but it can help lift their spirits when you’re not around.

Dog Paradise

5. Create a Relaxing Spa Atmosphere

Humans often feel more relaxed after a spa day. Your dog is no different. If your dog is expressing anxiety, why not pamper them? Think about creating an environment that is extra soothing for your pup. Through a Dog’s Ear is music composed to help you dog relax and the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) diffuser will help create a more tranquil environment. The diffuser also helps calm the dog down through thunderstorms, fireworkers, stranger visits, and any other anxiety-inducing situation.

Your pup will be grateful that they have such a thoughtful owner in their lives. These tips will be sure to help cheer up your pup and allow them to enjoy their day, even when they’re away from you!