Dogs are thought of as some of the cutest creatures in the world. No wonder so many people love to dress up their dogs in sweaters and matching accessories on occasion.

Halloween is prime time to parade your dog through the neighborhood in some of the cutest costumes available. With so many options to choose from, you can dress up your pooch as a monkey, pumpkin, or pop culture icon.

It’s not too late to throw a great dog and owner Halloween costume together this year! Here are some great Halloween costume ideas for your dog:


1. The Wizard of Oz

Normally, the dog owner might dress up as The Wizard of Oz’s main character Dorothy while your dog is Toto. However, it might be fun to mix things up a bit. Slather on some green face paint, dress up in a long black gown, and grab a pointed hat to portray the Wicked Witch while your pup plays the part of a flying monkey!

Darth Vadar

2. Star Wars

Stars Wars has a bevy of amazing costume ideas to share with your pup. The most convenient choice is to dress up your dog as a bear-like Ewok. But dog owners can go as Princess Leia with side buns, Han Solo in a best and matching boots. You might even want to dress up as Luke Skywalker while Fido plays the bad dog with some simple Darth Vadar gear. Owners might even want to dress up as the long-haired dog Chewbaca. Just make sure you don’t scare your pup with all those Chewbaca cries!

3. Pirate Time!

What says companions like a pirate and their first mate? A pirate-inspired Halloween may be just the ticket for having a real treat of a time. This costume is fairly easy to prepare because it just takes a vest, boots, a headscarf, an eye patch, and a fake sword to complete. Your dog could wear a red-striped shirt with a cocked had to create a pirate-themed look. If your dog is small, you might also consider dressing up your dog as a pet parrot.

Red Riding

4. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf

The classic fairytale can come to life easily when you have your pup by your side this Halloween. Grab a traditional red cape and a simple dress. A bonus is that your trick-or-treat basket or candy tray can serve as the basket Little Red Riding Hood carries in the story. In the meantime, your pup can represent the big, bad wolf dressed in a grandma wardrobe. You can prepare your pup’s costume with a shower gap,a small shawl tied around their shoulders, and a pair of plastic spectacles to complete the outfit. Just be aware that those glasses are unlikely to stay on your pup’s face.

Screenshot // Pinterest

Screenshot / Pinterest

5. The Little Mermaid and Sebastian

If you feel like paying homage to a Disney classic then try dressing up as the Little Mermaid and Sebastian! Online or in-store you could grab a wrap-around, red lobster costume. You just need a red wig and a sparkly fishtail skirt to complete the look. Your pooch can have a great time playing another famous duo!


6. Angel and Devil

If you’re running low on time this Halloween, you might have time to throw together a last minute outfit. An angel and devil costume is usually simple and easy to grab on-the-go. Depending on your mood, either you or your pup can go as the good or bad influence. A cape and a simple headband (either devil ears or a halo) can easily make an adorable costume. If you don’t have time to go to the store try cutting up a bed sheet to size or make a little felt headband for your cute dog.

Bonus: There are a ton of cute dog costumes on the market. From PetSmart to, you can find some great choices. Popular options include velcro and polyester-style costumes that your dog can wear over it’s face. For example, these walking costumes feature a front-facing outfit with arms and legs that make it look like your pup is a tiny little UPS worker or Harry Potter!  

For being such a good dog, make sure to give your pup for their help with a seasonally-inspired snack. Even if you don’t want to binge on candy this year, dressing up with your dog is a treat in its own and can serve as a great time to bond with your beloved pet. Happy Halloween to you and your dog!