Every dog knows it’s good to have a friend to stick by your side — even if that friend is a cat! I’ve actually always been fascinated when dogs play with other animals. The two usually develop an incredibly unique relationship.

So, in the spirit of friendship and love (is it Valentine’s Day?), let’s talk about some unlikely dog friendships:

1. Dog and Orangutan

Sure, it’s an unlikely duo, but it’s happened. Roscoe the Bluetick and Suryia the orangutan met at a reserve for endangered animals. Roscoe wandered into the reserve and Suryia went over to make friends. The two quickly hit it off, and Roscoe ended up staying. The two swim, eat, and roll around together. Suryia even takes Roscoe for walks.

Fun fact: Roscoe and Suryia’s friendship has been such a howling success that they even have their own picture book. They’ve also been on the Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey shows.


2. Dog and Guinea Pig

Check out this video of a dog and guinea pig friendship. The two do everything together. They eat lettuce and watermelon together. They play and relax in the living room. It’s the pinnacle of harmony.

Fun fact: According to Rolan Tripp, DVM, a veterinary behavioral consultant, dogs and guinea pigs can get along well if introduced properly. Try it at your home.  

3. Dog and Deer

Dogs like to bark and chase deer for the most part. But every once in a while they’ll actually play together, like Pippin the deer and Kat the Great Dane (watch the video!). The two engage in an old-fashioned game of chase and even snuggle together. There is truly a special connection between them. The two appeared in “Animal Odd Couples”, a series on Nature.

Fun fact: Pippin and Kate are so famous they now have their own website and Facebook page. Go connect with them!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 5.05.33 PM

4. Dog and Tiger Cub

At the Cincinnati Zoo in 2017, Blakely the Australian Shepherd provided comfort, snuggling, and a body to climb on for three rare Malayan tiger cubs. According to staff, the dog also taught the baby tigers proper play etiquette. After all, sometimes those bites hurt!

Fun fact: Puppies and tiger cubs actually are natural friends for about the first six months (then the tiger gets too strong, obviously).

5. Dog and Duck

Muzzle to beak. A bark and a quack. It sounds like a match made in paradise, right? In Strout, Minnesota, Max the Husky and Quackers the duck have become such great friends that even People published a story about it. The two sleep on the carpet together and share meals. They also go for daily walks in the neighborhood, where they’re quite popular.

Fun fact: If you have a duck and dog duo, you might want to bring extra waste bags when you go to the park. Ducks poop all the time.

6. Dog and Horse

Boss the Doberman and Contino the horse are an example of the amazing bond that can happen between dog and horse. These two kiss, cuddle, and run with each other. As their owner, Leslie, says, they’ve “built this amazing trust and knowledge of each other and this has only grown over the years.”

Fun fact: Humans owe a lot to both dogs and humans. Horses have helped us travel and plow fields. Dogs have protected our homes and livestock. Throughout history, these two animals have played a vital role in our survival. So, it’s great to see them get together as friends.

Dogs are every creature’s best friend!

When a dog makes friends with another animal, it makes me smile. It’s just incredibly beautiful to see. Hopefully, this Valentine’s Day will spark new relationships between dogs and other creatures.