You use tech products to improve your life — and have a blast playing time-wasting games (“Candy Crush”, anyone?). Why not give your dog the chance to enjoy the same benefits?

After all, you want your best friend to be healthy, happy, and safe. The nifty pet gadgets on the market today can do just that for your precious pup. Here are the 8 best tech gifts for dogs during the holidays:

1. A video monitor

Can’t stand the sad look on your dog’s face when you leave? PetChatz, a digital daycare solution for your pet, allows you to check in when you’re outside the home. Not only does this enable your dog to see you, you can also find out if anything is wrong and act much more quickly. Also, if your pup is being good, you can use the device to give her a treat. That way, she knows you haven’t forgotten about her.  

2. A smart collar

Gone are the days of traditional leather collars. Enter the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar, a GPS location tracker, activity monitor, vet visit logger, and more. The device connects directly to your smartphone, and can help with everything from tracking runaway pets to monitoring temperature levels.

3. An advanced grooming tool

You undoubtedly love everything about your dog, even when he eats grass or chases his tail. But the shedding, fur, and allergens can be a problem. Get rid of that problem by using the Dyson Groom, a powerful vacuum designed to remove loose hair straight from your dog’s body — before it gets all over your home. Even better, the tool is engineered to be super comfortable for your pup, so he’ll enjoy it.

4. An automatic dog ball thrower

Life’s about exploring, learning, building relationships — and chasing tennis balls! When it’s time to play fetch, bring the GoDogGo Fetch Machine. This way, you won’t wear out, and your dog can keep playing as long as she wants. You could even join in on the fun (nobody’s judging).

5. An automatic feeder

Having an automatic dog feeder can be incredibly convenient, especially if you’re going to be on vacation or gone for a long time. With the Automatic Pet Feeder from Petnet, you can schedule your dog’s portion sizes and meals right from your phone. The app even provides food report cards so you can make better decisions about what to feed your dog.

6. A device to calm your dog

Whether it’s thunderstorms or fireworks, most dogs get anxious some of the time. There are tech devices designed to soothe dogs in such situations, like the Calmz®­ Anxiety Relief System. This is a vest that cradles your dog over specific acupuncture points along your the spine. The vest also provides sounds and vibrations in order to calm your best pal. If you’re looking for a drug-free way to help your dog relax during crazy times, this is it.

7. LED Glowing Dog Ball

Regular tennis balls just don’t cut it in the digital age. So, get your dog an LED glowing dog ball. This way, whether it’s day or night, or rain or shine, no ball will escape your pup’s sight.

8. Dog cooling bed

When it’s particularly hot, your dog is probably miserable. That panting just makes you feel bad for him. It doesn’t have to be this way. Get a dog cooling bed like the K&H Cool Bed III™. This pad absorbs your dog’s body heat and converts it to room temperature, without the use of electricity. Simply fill the pad with water and its unique cool core will get to work.

Getting the perfect tech gift for your dog

As a pet lover, I’m always looking at the latest tech gadgets. The tech gifts listed here serve a variety of uses, from entertainment and comfort to safety and health monitoring. Getting one or a few of them will certainly make life better for you and your dog.

So, what will you get your dog for the holidays or next special day?